The Good and The Bad

No two days with horses are ever alike.


One day everything is going great.  Ms. Mare and Mr. Gelding are doing everything you want.  They are calm and collected.  The sun is shining.  Life is great.

The next day, you go out to the ranch and BAM – flat on your back in the dirt.  Ms. Mare won’t listen.  Mr. Gelding is pushy and demanding.  It’s raining and there is mud everywhere.


Days at the ranch are really just like the rest of life. . .

One day work is going great.  The radio station is playing all the right songs.  The kids are calm and collected.  Traffic’s a breeze. The sun is shining and life is great.


The next day – BAM – flat on your back in the dirt.  The car won’t start.  The bank account is overdrawn.  You get a parking ticket.  The kids won’t listen.  Your boss is pushy and demanding.

Life will always be up and down no matter how together and ordered you try to make it.


Some days it feels like we’ve come so far at this Ranch.

Others days it feels like we have so far to go.


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