Weekly News – Aug 18

Meet Flash, pictured here with his shareboarder, Hanna.

Video-ed here out in the pasture.

Pretty blue sky and green pasture.


Here he is again Video-ed with his owner’s grandaughter, Cassidy

He’s a good horse.  Very popular.  Possibly more popular than he’d like to be sometimes.

We had a lot of riders this week, both in the arena and in the pasture.

We also got started putting up a door on one side of our arena.  This has been an ongoing project for many months.  This week, we tried to mount the medal piece the barn door will slide on.  Unfortunately, after risking life and limb, on ladders and tractor buckets high in the air, the measurements were off.  So, it didn’t get finished, as we ran out of time.


We like to encourage wildlife visits to our Ranch.  Here we see Mr. or is it Mrs. Crane coming for breakfast in the rain.


This is Evie.  Her absolute favorite place to be is in the pasture.  Even when it’s pouring rain and the rest of the herd has run in to the shelters, she continues to eat.  Well, she’s not actually eating in this photo, but she was just seconds ago.

Evie also likes to groom and be groomed.  Who doesn’t, really?

And I’ll leave you with this.  Coming in from the pasture.  Finished with our ride, or our blog post, whichever the case may be.





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