Paddock Fencing

We have this paddock that is fenced off in the pasture.  We only put two strands of fencing since it was inside other fencing and we figured it’d be fine.

This is a summer picture of it.  (all I could find).  You can see the two strands of fencing.  horses arriving 3

Well, we have a few horses (they know who they are) who step over the bottom wire and under the top and go through it.  It’s actually impressive, if it weren’t so annoying, and potentially dangerous.  Although, they seem to know exactly what they’re doing.  Then other times, they just run into it?  It’s strange to me that horses who have lived with fencing and gates their whole lives, just, sometimes, don’t understand fencing – or gates.  And then other times, they understand them perfectly?

So, in the snow, we mended, or maybe amended, the fence this week.



We tightened the top and the bottom strand and added two middle strands – like the rest of the fencing.


So, we will see if they leave it alone.  It’s not electrified like the perimeter fence is.

I never thought I’d be mending fences in winter, but turns out that’s part of the life of a horse rancher.

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