The Tale of Tails

A horse and its tail.  Especially in bug season, a horse’s tail does so much more than just look pretty.  Here is a series of videos showing just how communicative and protective a horse’s tail can be.

The tails in the video below are waging a war on bugs, and kind of hating life in general.  They are angry and the tails are screaming, “Get the H. . . away.”

The tails below are off to graze – excited at the upcoming possibilities but still doing their job.   “High ho, high ho, it’s off to work we – SWAT.”

These tails, like a Southern lady’s paper fan, gently swish on a warm summer day – “Why thank you, Beauregard, I’d love another mint julip.”

The next two videos are horses helping each other out.  The first, kind of a synchronized dance, keeping the flys off each other’s rumps.

Many times you will see horses standing with faces next to another horse’s tail. The tail is helping to keep the bugs off the other horse’s face.  “Happy to help.”

These guys are trying to catch an afternoon nap in the cover of the shelter and their tails are helping to keep things pleasant.

So, you see, a horse’s tail is very important.  It may seem innocent, but it is capable of so, so much and should never be taken for granted.


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