January 2018, so far

The holidays are over and the first week of January has been frigid, below zero temperatures.  The first Saturday of the month was a high of 3F and the farrior was at the barn doing 7 of our horses.  As hard as winter can get, it’s harder when you have livestock because you have to be out in it, no matter how cold.  So you learn to buy the warmest jackets and hats, and figure out which gloves and boots keep your hands and feet the warmest.IMG_20180104_090606_041DSCF8827

We’ve had frozen water spickets and hoses.  We did learn a woman’s hair dryer comes in very handy in trying to thaw a water spicket.  As long as it’s not too frozen.


Closed barn doors are essential and lots of hay for the horses to eat.  It’s not a cheap season as we buy more hay and more oats and beet pulp to keep horses warm.


Our horses have been taking it all in stride though.  Just another day.  They have been hanging mostly in the small paddock where the shelter is.  That’s where the hay is thrown in the a.m. and p.m.  So the already hard ground is littered with hard poop balls, like walking on pool table balls.


We still manage to take a little time to have fun.  It helps that we have a 12-year old that comes out to ride.  She makes me stop and just spend time with the horses instead of always working, picking hooves, cleaning shelters, filling water troughs.20171228_134339 2


And next week, the weather is supposed to change and bring some warm temps!


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