Pea Gravel

At one end of our pasture is a big shelter and water troughs.  The horses hang out around the shelter in between jaunts out to eat grass.  They go there when the weather is super rainy and they get fed hay around there all winter, so they pretty much stay up in that area all winter.  So, what was once grass is now dirt and during a rainy spring or fall it’s mud.  And then when it gets cold, sometimes the bumpy mud turns frozen and hard.  Grass won’t stay there because the horses walk on it too much.  In past years, we’ve tried to lay limestone screenings, which don’t drain well, so we ended up with a patch of limestone and then little ponds of water surrounding them.



So, this year, I decided to try pea gravel.  Having had experience hauling limestone screenings in my trailer and having to shovel it all out, I also decided to rent a dump truck.  A 3-yard dump truck.  Definitely made it easier on my back.

I found a place near our barn where you can get pea gravel and ended up getting about seven loads and dumping them in the paddock.  It was a little tricky getting the hang of spreading it while I was dumping so that it didn’t just end up in one big pile.  I did pretty good in some places and not so good in others.  So I have some long trails of gravel and then other big piles.

In some ways though, the big piles have worked out as the horses have spread them out some and now that we’ve gotten some consistent rain, they are like little islands for the horses to get away from the mud.  I didn’t have enough money to cover the whole paddock area, so having some areas that are mud free is going to have to work for this year.


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