Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar – I use it for everything.  On myself and for my horses.


For the photo above I am in the process of rubbing apple cidar vinegar on this horse’s stomach.  She has this scaly, rainrotty-feeling spot there with some other bumps around it.  Her owner says it’s allergies.  I have no idea, but I started rubbing apple cider vinegar on it and it’s getting better!  I always use this brand.  Organic, with the mother.


I also use it on my own skin.  I read that it works like a facial toner to rebalance the pH in your skin so I use it as a toner for my face.

Getting back to the horses – There are also a couple in the herd with ours that are prone to Scratches on their legs when the weather gets super wet, so I rub apple cider vinegar on their legs sometimes too.  I don’t have any scientific proof, but I think it helps.


We have one horse that is laminitic when she eats too much grass.  So, I started putting two tablespoons in her feed everyday.  It’s supposed to help her body process sugar slower.  Then I started putting it in all our older horse’s feed everyday.  I leave it at two tablespoons each because if DSCF6484I do too much more, they don’t eat it.  Princess, our laminitic horse, is doing very well.  She is on grass pasture 24/7 though she does wear a grazing muzzle in Spring and Fall, but nothing in the summer.  She also takes other supplements for it, but I think the apple cider vinegar helps.

I also drink apple cider vinegar everyday.  I usually drink it in this drink.  Actually, I do an abbreviated version of that recipe.  I only do 2 lemons, 2 capfuls of ACV, in a glass and fill the glass up with coconut water till it tastes the right amount of sour for me.  It helps with digestion.  It helps makes your blood more alkaline which gives you more energy.

I believe apple cider vinegar can do so much.

As with anything you give or use on horse or human, if the horse doesn’t like the taste or it causes an adverse reaction, discontinue use.  And don’t use too much as using too much of anything can cause harm.  See this link on possible problems.

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