A Little Riding

I rarely ride.  I’m a beginner in any arena, but since I had an extra day off on the July 4th weekend, my daughter and her boyfriend decided to ride, so I went along.




I really did ride, but when  I was done I let Major have some grass.











This is Major and Junior saying hello.



When we were done, Princess and Belle were waiting up by the barn.


Some of the herd taking advantage of the shade.


Sasha eating around the weeds.

sasha finding the right bite

Face pics

belles face


remi over the fence


jr thru fence

Misty from underneath

misty down under


Grass and Bugs and Summer Lovin

The flys are out in full force these days.bugs

Here is an evening sun shot of Remi finding some tasty clover.evening sun on your back

Major is a master at finding that perfect bite.  Course it seems to be on the other side of the fence so much of the time.  Bummer.major finding just the right bite

Junior loves thistle, especially in the fall when it’s brown and sticks to everything (on him).  He many times has a crown of thistle all in his mane and forelock.  This time of year it’s green and the horses don’t seem to eat it too much, though here Junior is checking it out.

nose in the grass

Again, fences are always in the way.jr in tall grass

Liberty and Misty, their love knows no bounds or stall walls.  Or maybe I should say – unbridled love!


Stay cool, everybody.  And tic free.