Summer on the Farm

This week:DSCF6394It’s summer and there are hot days.  Days when it’s nice to spend a little time in the barn away from the heat of the sun, but also with some breezes blowing through.

jr in stall

Then again, sometimes the horses are done being in the barn and want out.


jr playing with sunlight

Junior playing with the sun.  Or just giving me the evil eye that says, let me out.

belle drinking1

Belle taking a drink of water after fresh water was just added.  We put a cinder block in there in case squirrels fall in.  They have a place to jump off of so they don’t drown.

belle drinking close up


Standing together helping to keep the flys off one another.


We hang buckets on the pasture fence of a loose salt/mineral mixture called Dr. Dan’s Red Cal.  Princess just got done eating some and has it all over her nose.

DSCF6502Flash playing with the electrified rope of the fence which apparently isn’t working.

Hope you are all keeping cool.

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