Fence Fixing

chute from other sideLast summer we created a chute that went through a section of woods from one pasture to another.  Come Spring, however, the horses decided they wanted to be on the other side of the fence.  Grass is always greener, yah know.  So, they unhooked the electric, and broke down the rope.  When we jerry-rigged that, some of them jumped the fence.  Or otherwise, magically appeared on the other side of the fence – no evidence of how they got there?  This last weekend we mended the fence or actually tore the whole thing down and started over.

We bought wooden posts – 8 feet long by 5.


And cable wire. (bought a roll of it from Horse Fence Direct)

We rented an auger for the day at Home Depot.

We bought a very long drill bit.

We dug the holes, put in the posts, drilled five holes in each post (measured a foot apart), strung the cable and created a beautiful, new fence.

fence side

Lessons Learned:

  • Bring a battery back-up for your drill and a way to recharge it in your truck.
  • Use a separate post to pound down the dirt around the posts you have just inserted in hole.
  • If you drive your vehicle into the pasture, your horses will want to help you.
  • horses and van (2)horses and truck


  • Horses like to play with windshield wipers. (who knew?)

Right now there is no electric, but we plan to add that as time allows.  So far the horses have left the fence alone, but come Fall as the grass starts to die in the pasture, I’m pretty sure what’s on the other side of this new, much taller, much more sturdy fence will look too good to ignore and the horses will find a way to get around it.  They are magic that way.