Rocky’s A Star

Rocky and Sandy getting ready for the camera
Rocky and Sandy getting ready for the camera

It’s time to talk about blind Rocky again.  The horse that started it all for me and the one closest to my heart.  He now lives at Refuge Farms in Spring Valley, WI.  For years, his eyes have been watery and gunky.  In recent years, he’d rub them on his leg now and then, so it was clear they bothered him.  Sandy, the owner of Refuge Farm had the vet out t0 check him right after he arrived there last October and she advised surgically removing the eyes since they seemed to irritate him.  After a few fundraising events, Rocky went in for surgery March 18.  He was outstanding, as usual.  Everything went well and he was back home in three days.

Then yesterday, March 26, he and Sandy were featured on a news story on WEAU tv in Eau Claire, WI (not sure how long that link will be active, but for now).  They were talking about Refuge Farm’s recent rescue of 17 horses from a farm that could no longer care for them.  As a result of the story and Rocky’s superstar qualities, someone donated $3,000 to Refuge Farms.

So, there it is, a blind horse that most people might consider useless is now out there helping to raise money to save other horses.  Though I miss him and he is never far from my thoughts, he is out there helping people and other horses.

I’ve always known he was a Rock – Star.