To blanket or not to blanket

not so clean maj
Major after rolling
clean maj_ feb
Major clean again.

 We live in northern Illinois and this winter has been very strange weather.  It’s cold, it’s warm, it’s rainy, it’s snowy.  From one day to the next it changes.  Our horses are pasture boarded with just a shelter to get out of the weather.  I don’t like to blanket a horse if at all possible.  I think that nature created horses to be able to stand the weather and their bodies and fur do a much better job than anything man can do.  Our guys have very thick coats now and we’ve kept the blankets off most days.  There were a few below zero days, where we did blanket them, but that’s all. (They are all relatively young and healthy too).

I do have to say though, this is the first year we’ve had them out all the time, and there have been days when I’ve worried about them.  One day last week, it poured all day.  It was in the mid to high 30’s but the wind was very strong and it felt colder than that.  Our horses were soaking wet.  That night, we had brutal winds which kept me up a lot during the night, also worrying about them.  The next day, Rachael went out though and they were all dry and happy.

Honestly, I wish they could tell me which they’d prefer.  For now, we are trying to let nature handle things its way (with a shelter).  I do admit, I just ordered some rain sheets though.  Not for warmth, but to put on when it’s cold rain and snow.  The times I really worry is when they get wet.  The cold they handle fine, but the wet and cold, not so sure?  The sheets haven’t arrived yet, and not sure how they will work, but I’m going to try those??

Princess wet and dirty.
Princess wet and dirty.
Belle, wet but clean.  She never seems to want to roll?
Belle, wet but clean. She never seems to want to roll?

Junior Goes to a New Home


Junior, in the plaid blanket, is now in his new home.  He was adopted by Amanda, the woman who was shareboarding him and who loves him.  Their family built a barn in Trevor, WI and Junior went to live there.  In this picture he’s with his friend Leo who is owned by Amanda’s sister Sara.  He looks happy.